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Children’s Long Term Support Wavier (CLTS)

The Children’s Long Term Support Wavier is a mix of federal, state, and local dollars that are allocated to Kenosha County to support children with disabilities. Children who are living at home or in the community who have substantial limitations in multiple daily activities may be eligible to receive these funds.

CLTS Waiver funding can be used to support the child and family based on the individual needs of the child. The intent of the service provision is to help maintain the child in their home or community environment. Each child is given a service coordinator that will do an individualized assessment of the child’s strengths and needs. The types of items and services the family can receive are specified by the State of Wisconsin and the family can select the items or services they would like up to an amount specified by the State. Some examples of different services that could be covered include:

  • adaptive aids
  • communication aids
  • supportive home care
  • specialized medical and therapeutic supplies
  • home modifications
  • respite care
  • therapy related to Autism Spectrum Disorders

The amount of money available to families through this program is greater than the funding available through the Family Support Program, but there are more requirements to receive these funds and restrictions on the use of these funds. 

Treatment for Children with Autism

Young children, under the age of eight (8) years, formally diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and approved by DHS for placement on the State Wait List may receive treatment targeted at improving the lives of children with this diagnosis. The treatment can be provided from 10-40 hours per week and involves applying behavioral methods to improve skills. This treatment can be provided through the CLTS Waiver, but parents must specifically apply for this service. The goal is to help reduce the challenging behaviors often found in children with ASD, and to improve their social, behavioral and communication skills to be successful at home and in their community.

Eligible children can participate in this program for up to three (3) years, after which the child may qualify for ongoing services at a less intensive level, or other services that address the changing needs of the child as they grow and mature.

Intensive treatment is provided on a one-to-one (1:1) basis. A team, including a Lead and Senior Therapist, and line staff, develops and implements a treatment plan that is individualized to each child’s developmental needs. Specific skills are addressed that are clearly defined in observable terms and are measureable by direct observation throughout each treatment session. Intensive levels of service involve up to 40 hours per week of face-to-face contact with the child.

For more information about this program, please go to:

How to Apply

  • Contact the CompassWisconsin: Threshold consultant at (866) 710-4054. The consultant will explain the children’s programs available, the benefits of the program and eligibility process. If the parent wishes to apply, the consultant will send the family an application packet.
  • Complete the application packet or ask the consultant for assistance
  • Once all the paperwork is completed, the parent will need to call the Threshold consultant to set up a home visit.
  • The home visit is used to review the application materials and gather additional information, verify certain documentation, answer questions and give the consultant an opportunity to meet the family and child.
  • Once all the application materials are complete, the consultant submits the child’s application to the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Long-Term Support (BLTS). BLTS reviews all program eligibility criteria.
  • The family will receive a letter that specifies whether or not the child is eligible.
  • Once you have been determined eligible for a program by CompassWisconsin Threshold, there is a waiting list for these funds and services. The State of Wisconsin has created two waiting lists, one list for families seeking ASD therapy and another for all other applicants.

While on the waiting list you may contact us with questions and needs for services and we will attempt to connect you with community resources until CLTS funding becomes available. Please keep us informed of any change in address or phone number. You will be contacted by a service coordinator when funding becomes available. 

For more information on how to apply for the CLTS Waiver, Treatment for Autism, and/or the Family Support Program (FSP), please visit the CompassWisconsin-Threshold website at:

You may also contact KHDS and ask for the Children’s Long Term Support Program.