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Community Mental Health Services

Community Support Program
The Community Support Program provides a network of coordinated care and treatment services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness in the community. Program goals include enhancing consumer's quality of life in the community, reducing the intensity of symptoms associated with severe and persistent mental illness, decreasing the incidence of acute and longer-term inpatient care, and promoting the transformation of the mental health service delivery system.

To achieve those goals CSP uses a person-centered approach building upon individual strengths essential for quality community living. The broad array of services offered by the program are provided by a team of professionals dedicated to understanding the unique needs of individuals, perceiving opportunities to teach skills, and promoting self-direction in the journey of recovery.

Comprehensive Community Services
This state certified program provides psychosocial rehabilitation to individuals with a serious and persistent mental illness and/or drug/alcohol dependency. The goal of the service is to enable the individual consumer to participate in planning for and choosing services that will assist them in achieving their personal goals in working toward recovery. All CCS services for adults are provided by KHDS and work in partnership with the Community Support Program.

Targeted Case Management
The Targeted Case Management program provides case management services to people with severe and persistent mental illness residing in residential facilities. The goal of the program is to prepare and encourage people to achieve the objective of community integration. This goal is accomplished by coordinating services, developing a plan to assist the consumer's successful return to independent living and monitoring progress towards those goals.