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Homeless Youth/Homeless Mentally Ill Program

The Homeless Youth/Homeless Adult program is a Supportive Housing Program which began in 1991. The program is funded by HUD, FYSB Federal Youth Services Bureau, Workforce Development, United Way and community donations. KHDS participates in a Statewide Continuum of Care which collaboratively and competitively writes new project and renewal grants on an annual basis. HYP serves three homeless populations that include young adults between ages 18-24, young parents with children and adults with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders.

The goals of the project include helping participants obtain and remain in permanent housing, achieve greater self-determination and increase skills and/or income. In order to achieve those goals, HYP provides hands on supportive services, rental assistance, individualized treatment planning, assistance accessing community resources, adult life skills groups, education planning, housing and job search assistance, individual life skills training, parenting education, and development of a support system.