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24 Hour Crisis Line 262.657.7188 / 800.263.7188

24-Hour Crisis - Call Anytime - 24 Hours - 7 Days a Week

Counselors are trained to help with any situation. The kinds of problems that most often come to us are:

  • Family disputes
  • Depression
  • Runaways
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • Loneliness
  • Arrest/detention
  • Sexual problems
  • Physical/emotional abuse
  • School problems

If we can't help you, we know someone who can. Call 262.657.7188 or 800.236.7188 to speak with a crisis counselor 24 hours a day – everyday, including weekends and holidays.

Juvenile Crisis: This is a 24-hour a day, seven days per week telephone and mobile crisis program.  The counselors respond to any crisis situation involving children and also provide off hours and overflowchild abuse and neglect investigations for Kenosha County.  All crisis contacts are documented in our Client Tracking System (CTS) and are debriefed daily within the agency and where necessary, with the county social service department.  The program emphasis is on resolving family crisis situations in the short-term and investigations of child abuse and neglect.  Potential avenues of conflict resolution include reducing immediate tensions, emergency placement of children, and referral to county social services and/or various community prevention services.  Juvenile Crisis works closely with local police in cases where the police are involved withrunaways or family crisis.

Adult Crisis Services: This is a 24-hour a day, seven days per week telephone and mobile crisis program for all Kenosha County adults.  This is a part of our certified Emergency Mental Health Program under Wisconsin HFS 34.  Crisis counselors are trained to help clients defuse the immediate crisis, work with client and their support systems to consider options to ensure safety, and facilitate the most appropriate placing option available.