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Foster Parenting Overview

Trained foster parents are at the heart of this program. They are committed to accepting troubled children into their homes, providing them a safe, nurturing environment and persevering in teaching the childrenmore effective skills that will allow them to get their needs met. They work cooperatively with the child's family to achieve the best possible relationship.

Foster care consultants support the foster parents by providing pre-service training, meeting with them every two weeks in their homes to work on the on-going treatment plan, problem solving, and skill development. Foster parents gather monthly for a support group to learn from each other and to support one another.

Our Specialized Foster Care program continues to maintain national recognition as a Certified Sponsor Site of the Teaching Family Association. This means we meet nationally recognized standards for excellence in training, consultation, evaluation, and support administration. All this is aimed at providing ever better service to the foster children and their families.

Foster parents work toward becoming certified as Professional Foster Parents by the National Teaching-Family Association.

For more information on becoming a foster parent, please contact
Angela Martin at 262.657.7188 or

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