About Us

Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS) works to help all people in the community lead healthy, productive lives. We are a nonprofit agency that seeks to ensure that all people—especially those with the fewest resources—have access to the opportunities and support they need to succeed in life.

With over 40 programs that cover a wide spectrum of services, and 50 years of supporting the community, KHDS has become a cornerstone of care in Kenosha.

Three Pillars Of Support

KHDS works with people from all walks of life, and is committed to a set of values that informs all of its programs.

"We meet people where they are at"

Walking alongside people in difficult times and meeting the needs of the community has been a foundation as we've grown.

"We do what it takes"

We thrive in the challenge of finding ways to get things done for our clients. Our employees give of their time, energy and heart to do whatever they can to help.

"No problem is too big or too small"

Everyone matters. It makes no difference how they come to us, or which challenges they face; every person will be cared about, cared for and treated with dignity, respect and non-judgement.

The History Of KHDS: From humble beginnings to a cornerstone of care in Kenosha

News clipping about youth being included on KAGH board.

KAGH in the news, 1977

Formation and Initial Services (1973-1974)

In 1973, a citizen committee was established to create treatment homes for teens. Advised by the John Howard Association, an important early focus on family-centered services was established. As an outcome of these initial efforts, Kenosha Area Group Homes (KAGH) emerged, initially aiding girls and offering round-the-clock parenting advice. By 1974, KAGH expanded to include a boys’ home.

News clipping about Sister Rombalski being elected chairperson at KAGH.

(more) KAGH in the news, 1977

Expansion and Name Change (1975-1978)

KAGH expanded its services in 1975 with Shelter Care, a co-ed shelter for family support. In 1976, they initiated a Specialized Foster Parents Program. At this point, the services had evolved to become more therapeutic, and KAGH affirmed its commitment tomeeting the treatment and development needs of the youth and families of Kenosha County. By 1978, KAGH became Kenosha Youth Development Services (KYDS).

News clipping about the Girls Group Home.

KYDS In The News, 1976

News clipping about George Schwartz being elected KYDS director.

George Schwartz, KYDS Director

News clipping about miscellaneous announcements from KYDS.

KYDS In The News, 1978

Info page from Phoenix House brochure.

Brochure - Phoenix House, 1980s

Growth and Service Diversification (1984-1996)

KYDS grew significantly in 1984, and reached another milestone by adding adult services under its new Crisis Intervention program. This, and other services under the Kenosha County Comprehensive Board were soon merged into the Community Intervention Center. And the growth in scale and scope didn't stop there: with the 80s and 90s came new programs like the KARE Center, Columbus House, and case management for developmental disabilities.

News clipping about Ron Shable being elected KYDS chairman.

Ron Shable, KYDS Chairman

Rebranding and Continued Development (1997-Present)

As KYDS continued to grow and expand with additional programs targeted towards adults, in 1997, it was renamed Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS). From that point on, KHDS has continued to develop community-based resources and added new programs - at this point, over 40 - to meet Kenosha’s needs. The "family"-centric foundation that was established early on during the KAGH days has remained a pillar in its approach to care, and many of its programs have been certified by the Teaching Family Association (TFA).

Don Kauffman, Jill, Sara Stanke, Jeannine Field, Angela (Stanke) Martin, Corydon Martin at an event.

KHDS Staff, 1998

KHDS "Key Figures": Dick Kauffman
Brian Deneka wearing a light blue shirt.
KHDS "Key Figures": Brian Deneka

Tony Evers delivers donation to KHDS.
Tony Evers Delivers A donation, 2022

Celebrating 50 Years Of Making a Difference In The Community

Sue, Lisa and Gina holding a sign showing a $25,000 donation from the Heart Foundation.
Heart Foundation Donation, 2022

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Agency 50th anniversary logo.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who have helped us grow during the last 50 years, and we feel confident that the community has our back and will continue to support us in our mission to provide quality care in Kenosha.
- Jeannine Field, Executive Director.

How are we different from Kenosha County?

Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS) is a private non-profit that provides a variety of services to support the wellbeing of people living in Kenosha. KHDS operates independently, but receives significant funding and support from Kenosha County - particularly for the programs at the Crisis Prevention Center. The agency offers over 40 programs and relies on the generosity and engagement of the community to fully achieve its mission.