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Impact Story

BSL’s Path To Advocacy And Education

Overcoming legal challenges and educational hurdles, BSL graduated online with help from a mentor. Her dedication led to the expungement of her charges and a fresh start with a housing voucher.

(Names are fictional to maintain confidentiality)

BSL came to Supervised Independent Living as a youth without a guardian. Her father had left without notice and her mother was not in the country. She faced charges of delivery of drugs at a school, leading both to felony adult charges and expulsion. BSL completed school online in 2020, despite facing struggles. She found the situation very challenging and especially felt hopeless about passing a geometry class. She sought tutoring, dedicated herself to completing her studies, and eventually graduated. BLS lived with Molly, who she had met through a friend and who became her mentor, strongest advocate and a “permanent connection” to this day.

BSL joined Aftercare after aging out in 2020. She sometimes reflects on how different her life might be without having access to the program. One possibility is she would have followed her father’s lead down a path that would continue negative behavior and consequences. Her focus and participation in services helped her gain advocates for the expungement of her charges and, once that did occur, she became eligible for a FUP housing voucher. BSL is currently working two jobs and has recognized she does not want to live “paycheck to paycheck”.

She is committed to working on her budgeting plan and continuing to study business at Gateway Technical College. She also receives Brighter Star funding. In addition, BSL believes CAN certification would benefit her, and sees herself doing that work as a positive thing. BSL has also participated in YAC (until she became so busy working) and continues to be an active participant in Aftercare. She endured the program’s admitted lapse when her original Coordinator left and is strongly re-engaged now.