Child Protective Services Support

Child Protective Services Support Program (CPS SP) is an extension of Kenosha County Division of Children and Family Services providing services after 5:00 pm, weekends, and holidays. The CPS SP offers community services to families in need of additional support. Our program receives referrals for follow-up with families to offer resources that suit their specific needs. CPS SP works collaboratively with a variety of other agencies, like Crisis and Family Intervention Project, to make sure that families in Kenosha County have access to services in our community. In addition to providing support to the families of Kenosha County, CPS SP also assists the Division of Children and Family Services with the facilitation of other children and family services.

Hours per week of service in 2023, provided to the children and families in Kenosha County

Cases in 2023 documented as "Access Reports"

"Family follow-ups" carried out by CPS Support workers in 2023

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