Community Support Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) helps people understand that it is possible to live fulfilling and meaningful lives while managing the symptoms of a mental health diagnosis. CSP provides a network of coordinated care with the person and their personal goals at the center of that network. The program aspires to enhance the person’s quality of life in the community, reduce the intensity of symptoms associated with the illness, decrease incidence of acute and longer-term inpatient care. CSP uses a person-centered approach, building upon individual strengths essential for quality community living. The team of professionals providing CSP services believes that everyone is unique and each situation provides new opportunities to teach skills and promote self-direction while people move forward in their recovery.

To enroll in CSP you must contact the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Center and request a CSP Screen.

Life In The Community, Stigma-Free

Tap into a person-centered network of care aimed at improving life quality, managing mental health symptoms, and reducing hospital stays. With an emphasis on personal goals, individual strengths, and skill-building for recovery, the Community Support Program aims to "stick it to stigma".

“You Are Not Alone”

CSP aims to improve the overall quality of life for individuals with mental health diagnoses by providing a supportive network that focuses on personal goals and community living.

Better Management Of Symptoms

The program works to reduce the intensity of symptoms associated with mental illness, thereby helping individuals manage their condition more effectively.

Fewer Visits To The Hospital

By offering coordinated care and teaching new skills, CSP seeks to decrease the need for acute and long-term inpatient care, promoting recovery and self-direction in a community setting.

Success Story

Don went from battling severe mental health issues and homelessness to achieving stability and a ‘10’ in life satisfaction.

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Success Story

Rick transformed his life from the depths of mental illness and addiction to better health and stability.

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