Court Services

Discover how Chapter 51 Liaisons and Crisis Case Management are paving pathways to mental health recovery and independence.

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Liaisons are specialists who understand mental health law and who work with individuals under a court order to be monitored on 90-day settlement agreements or who are on a 6 or 12-month mental health commitment in order to access mental health resources in the community. The participants in this program are those who may need extra incentive, via a court order, to take and remain on medication, follow a treatment plan, and/or stay in a mental health service program so they are appropriately engaged in services and their mental health symptoms are monitored. It is the goal and ultimate success of the program when an individual is able to gain momentum in their mental health recovery and no longer be in need of a court order.

Crisis Case Management

Everyone needs a hand now and then. We all have those times when a little extra assistance and support goes a long way! Crisis Case Management offers that assistance to people who are in recovery with a mental illness or addiction who need some real life skills training, mentoring, guidance, help with accessing the community and learning independent living skills, all with an emphasis on recovery. We know that supporting people where they live and giving them the opportunity to learn the skills they need, such as how to manage their symptoms, they can avoid a placement of greater restrictiveness or a hospital stay. Crisis Case Management’s goal is to help transition people to independence in the community.

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