Kauffman House

The Kauffman House is an 8-bed community-based residential shelter facility serving both male and female youth aged 10 to 17. Funded by Kenosha County, the program offers short-term services such as crisis stabilization for youth experiencing mental health crises, placement for those facing family conflict, court-ordered placements, and respite services. Staff are trained in the Teaching Family Model, which guides them in helping youth develop skills to be more successful at home, in school, and within the community. The goal during their stay is to transition them to a less-restrictive environment that best meets their needs. The Kauffman House team employs a trauma-informed approach, working diligently to support each youth in achieving their goals.

Youth intakes handled by Kauffman House staff in 2023

Youth were discharged to a less restrictive placement in 2023

Success Story

A teen girl’s struggle with school attendance and family conflict transforms into a tale of triumph at Kauffman House.

View from back of three girls making a heart symbol, sitting by a lake.
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