Foster Care
Needs You!

Specialized Foster Care

What makes us “Specialized?” Training and supporting foster parents are the heart of our program. Our foster parents are committed to accepting troubled children into their homes, providing a safe, nurturing environment, and persevering in teaching those children more effective skills to get their needs met. Foster parents at KHDS work cooperatively with birth parents, relatives, and other agencies to achieve the best possible relationship.

We have a great need for foster homes for teenagers. Please consider opening your heart and home to a teen in need.

Our next training begins on May 7. Call us for more information. 262-764-8555.

Empowering Foster Families

KHDS’s Specialized Foster Care Program offers in-depth training and 24/7 support to foster parents, preparing them to provide a stable environment for children. The program ensures foster parents are active in the treatment team and guides them towards professional certification, enhancing the lives of foster children and families.

We Will Fully Train You

with 32 hours of Specialized Foster Care education before your first placement.

We Will Fully Support You

with 24/7 access to professional counsultants and support staff.

We Will Fully Back You Up

with respite care families so you have opportunities to do your own thing.

Foster Parent Story

KHDS 2023 Foster Parents Of The Year

The Reeds came to KHDS specifically requesting to work with children with medical needs ... they started their journey with excitement and the willingness to learn and help the child through the many medical challenges that would come their way.

Leadership Team