Impact Stories

BSL’s Path To Advocacy And Education

Success Story

Overcoming legal challenges and educational hurdles, BSL graduated online with help from a mentor. Her dedication led to the expungement of her charges and a fresh start with a housing voucher.

Bridging Gaps: A Journey Of Reconnection And Growth

Success Story

A teen girl’s struggle with school attendance and family conflict transforms into a tale of triumph at Kauffman House.

Don’s Mental Health Journey

Success Story

Don went from battling severe mental health issues and homelessness to achieving stability and a ‘10’ in life satisfaction.

John Smith's Story

Success Story

With the support of the program and a housing stability plan that John created and followed, he was able to learn needed skills to reach his self-defined goals.

Matt And Grace's Story

Success Story

Matt and Grace, once living in their car and expecting a child, found refuge and a fresh start through Project YELLOW Door, securing a home and building a stable, thriving family.

Rick's Road To Overcoming Addiction And Mental Health Challenges

Success Story

Rick transformed his life from the depths of mental illness and addiction to better health and stability.

The Reed Family Story

Foster Parent Story

KHDS 2023 Foster Parents Of The Year

The Reeds came to KHDS specifically requesting to work with children with medical needs ... they started their journey with excitement and the willingness to learn and help the child through the many medical challenges that would come their way.

The Korp Family Story

Foster Parent Story

Ken Korp wearing a blue shirt and baseball cap standing next to Kat Korp in a gray sweater.

While living in Illinois, Kat Korp was already involved as a foster parent. Later, when the Korps moved to Wisconsin, they became active with a program called Teen Reach Adventure Camp (TRAC)...

Matt was married for several years and had three children. He worked at Laminated Products and West Vaco for over 12 years, and then the bottom dropped out...

Matt S's Story

Success Story

Matt wearing a white shirt.

Gina's Story

Employee Story

Gina sitting at work wearing a grey and blue shirt.

Gina started out at Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS) working part time typing crisis cases and entering data for the Community Intervention Center...

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